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[meme] The Fic Wish List meme - 2012 edition

Putting it here because 45% of my f-list does not care about fandom and another 30% does not want to know I write/read rated things. LOL.

• List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes which haven't been fulfilled.

• When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:
- Write it.
- Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
- Nothing, but karma will get you. :P

• There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated (PLEASE). Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to preferred smut content, seme/uke order, and any other requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.

• There is no deadline for this, but once your ten prompts have been written to your satisfaction you are welcome to make a new post starting over. You may write your own prompts if you want. If your tastes change, you can certainly switch out one prompt for another at any time.

♦ My Wish List! ♦

01 • Hina/Yoko/Ohkura, with Yoko & Ohkura fighting for Hina, in any possible ways. (can be as cracky and/or as porny as you wish)

02 • Kanjani8/Resident Evil crossover. I want Hina and Milla Jovovich (Alice) kicking zombies butts (and if possible dating/kissing/whatever'ing) >D

03 • NTT (aka Koki/Junno/Yuichi) in a Need for Speed/Fast & Furious universe. Can be inspired by KARA's Speed Up, because REALLY, unf. :P

04 • Hina/Baru, in which Subaru is in love with Hina and takes (literally) years to tell him. With extra added awkward!Baru and teasing!Yoko. Something loving and maybe romantic, idk.

05 • KAT-TUN/KANJANI8 party. You can put whichever meaning you want to "party". (KAT-TUN shall be 6-nin. For Kanjani, with or without Uchi, as you which)

06 • Uchi/Shirota Yu and/or Jin/Shirota Yu. Phone!sex and/or voyeurism. (">o<)//♥

07 • Shige & Ueda teaming up to terrorize Ryo. >D

08 • Ohno/Sho/Jun, just another lazy day at home.

09 • Kanjani8/Doctor Who crossover (the 11th Doc, please). Crack. And Yoko thinking he can be an evil Time Lord. And Rory thinks he can be gay for Yasu. And, just, WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT. Please? :D

10 • Yoko/Hina mpreg! \o/ (i do not care who's pregnant, but if it was Yoko it'd be extra awesome, because i can already hear him whine about it XD)

...wow, I didn't put every freaking fandom I ever had. XD i have rare tastes also I NEED MORE THAN 10 SPOTS ahbgvkajajkhefbkajh /insert more spazzing here.

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Fics I received: {NTT for #03} • {HinaBaru for #04} •

Fics I wrote: {OhYass Mpreg for Ri} •

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